Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:53am
Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:52am

Introducing: Alice as Pamela Anderson and Olivia as Lara Croft

Sunday Oct 10 @ 11:48am

Otis and I love winter cus we can dress like gangstas

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 08:22am

Some of my recent work - before & afters!

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 08:21am
Monday Oct 10 @ 08:52am

October 4th update on my life…

I’ve lost a hell of a lot of weight this year and so close to a flat stomach. I’ve spent this whole year getting in shape and I’m happier than ever.

My travelling this year has been amazing, I’ve visited incredible countries and I’m travelling Thailand in January with my soulmate Liam. We are as strong as ever and loving life together.

My business is thriving and since opening up on my own officially solo in July my journey has been fantastic. I’m so happy with my career and it shows in success.

Family are wonderful. Life is just great.

Saturday Oct 10 @ 05:11pm

An update on my year

I turned 21, I went up the Shard in London, I have stuck to my work outs and I’m in great shape, I opened my own business properly and now I work fully for myself in my own little salon, Otis is doing well, my grooming is succeeding.

Oh and I’m travelling to New Zealand and Australia in 3 weeks.

Hope you’re all well.

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 07:09pm

I just can’t be bothered for tumblr anymore

Gonna keep it for the memories

But if you wanna stay in contact find me on Facebook or if you wanna catch up with my grooming find my grooming Facebook site… Thanks

Tuesday May 5 @ 11:45am

This is Isla the Lakeland Terrier - before, during and after her groom! She has a personalised teddy bear cut rather than traditional style

Tuesday May 5 @ 11:44am
Monday May 5 @ 06:09pm


this is my favorite post of all time

Monday May 5 @ 06:09pm
Monday May 5 @ 06:04pm


Monday May 5 @ 06:03pm
Monday May 5 @ 06:03pm
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